Server OPENING 1th December


Information about x5000 server: 

Version: Premium Season 9.5 Full
Experience: 5000x
Drop: 75
Bonus extra exp in BC Event + 500x
Bonus extra exp in DS Event + 200x
Big spots
Get Full Opt. Items with Grand Resets!!!


Reset System: 

Reset level: 400
After reset: stats clear
Reset free points 1000 * Resets
Reset Zen: 10 000 000 (10kk) * resets


Grand Reset System: 

Grand reset from: 80 resets
After grand reset: stats and resets clear
Grand reset reward: 20000 Credits
Grand reset Zen: 2000000000 (2kkk)


Gameplay information: 

Balanced Character Classes,
Balanced PVP and PVM,
Balanced Party Experience

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Server Info

Version:Full Season 9.5
Online Users42